Find Out When Someone Unfriends You on Facebook

By on February 15, 2013
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What's This?

Have you ever wonder if it is possible to find out when someone unfriends you on Facebook? Facebook doesn’t offer that feature on their services. The only way possible would it be by constantly checking your friend list.

Well, a guy named Edouard Gatouilla created Unfriend Finder  is a script that can show who “unfriends” you on Facebook. For this desmostration we used Google Chrome. However, there’s also available in other browsers.

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If you think this might be something you are interested to try, then you take a look at the gallery of information we have complied from testing it ourselves. We have tried in on Google Chrome and it works perfect.

Unfriend Finder

Unfriend Finder

1. Unfriend Finder

Unfriend Finder by Edouard Gatouillat Unfriend Finder is a simple script that provides all its users to know which friend unfriend you on Facebook. For this demonstration, we used the Chrome version but it is also available for other browsers.
Image courtesy of Google

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