10Tb of FREE Cloud Storage!

By on August 31, 2013

Are you looking for free cloud storage? Tired of trying to find a free viable option in order to backup and keep all your current and future documents, pictures and videos in the cloud without the worry of having to transfer them? With 10 terabytes of storage you probably will not need to worry about storage transfer for a very long time, whether for personal or small business use.

10Tb of Cloud Storage FREE!

When looking for free cloud storage there are all the usual suspects in the cloud business. DropBox offers 2GB free and enables you to access your documents from the cloud on any computer and Android or iOS device with the use of their mobile apps. Unfortunately in this digital age of hi-res photo’s 2GB can be eaten up fairly quickly. DropBox has offered promotions up to 50GB of space usually tied to the consumer performing tasks to gain access to the storage. If you don’t mind filling out surveys, tweeting and retweeting, Facebook sharing and liking and referring friends to the site you may be able to up your box limit. The downside to all this of course is that after a year, you may still be required to pay for the extra space provided.

Other cloud storage services include Box and SugarSync that provide a standard 5GB of free storage. Box provides multi-platform functionality but not any traditional backup software. Generally good for personal users or small business with multi-users that does not need backup service. SugarSync offers not only cloud storage but file syncing as well. In a world of dozens of possible workstations and mobile devices this could be an indispensable service. It also includes a desktop software option with backup.

SkyDrive and Google Drive offer 7GB and 15GB respectively and are great services. SkyDrive has been quietly hosting cloud storage for over 5 years and Microsoft has made it an integral part of their new Windows 8 brand. It offers multi-platform support even to iOS clients. It provides simple folder access across multiple devices and allows file syncing as well, unfortunately it does not provide web streaming or synced folders collaboration. Google Drive, however, is the best collaborative file sharing cloud service available as long as you are not squeamish about your privacy as recently proven in the news. It is also one of the only cloud storage systems with OCR built into it, where you can scan a document; Google reads it and can provide searchability for all collaborators.

However the bar for free cloud storage has been aggressively increased over the last year with new players making terrific offerings. SurDoc offers 100GB free for the first year and has a great desktop back up software that is feature rich, the only downside is that it is a new company and longevity in start-ups is always an issue. Across the ocean major competition is heating up in the cloud storage wars as Baidu, China’s Google and Qihoo 360 are courting new users with a full Terabyte of online storage putting all the companies mentioned above to shame. This is 1TB of free space for signing up to an email service much like Gmail, Hotmail or Outlook. It is truly an amazing offering for the Chinese. On heels of those announcements, however, Chinese Tech Company Tencent offered a whopping 10TB of free space for new signups.  You need to sign up for a Tencent QQ account and download their Tencent Cloud mobile app whereby you will then receive 1TB of storage. As you fill up your cloud storage they will increase your limit up to 10TB’s.

This unprecedented free cloud storage offering is 10 times the nearest competition, and that competition was 10 times more than most offerings available in the west. It may be time to learn mandarin.