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Google Glass

By on September 7, 2013

The tag line “welcome to a world through glass” has been truly applied to the magical invention of the technological advancement by Google. Whenever we hear the word spectacle, the images of a thing containing two lenses, which help us to improve the eyesight. Can you imagine of an eyeglass that would ever listen to your voice and follow your orders! Does it sound crazy? Hold your heart tightly; Google has just launched “Google Glass” which will change the definition of vision through glasses.

Google Glass the Future

Google glass is appeared as hands free format with the features of a computer and smart phone and it is able to communicate with Internet via voice over control but do not consider it as an extension of other smart Android devices; it is actually a new smart gadget, which will follow your commands and do day to day tasks. Google glass yet not has lenses attached with the frame but the company is considering partnership with the leading brands of sun-glass like Warby Parker and Ray Ban. The authority of Google promises that the prescribed lenses would eventually work fine with the given frames launched by the product “Google Glass”.

Cool Features of Google Glass

Record Video & Take Picture: Just say those words and google glass will start recording videos or taking pictures and the taken videos or pictures will be stored into the 4GB flash memory. You can even share the pictures and videos on social networking sites or email.

Messages: Google glass is able to receive text messages and emails. You can reply those messages or emails via just your voice.

Google Things: Googling something over Internet has become easier via google glass. You have to just ask a question and google glass will snatch all the information related to your question from Internet and display before you. You can even order to search for some pictures that you need.

Maps: The pre-integrated Google Map in Google glass display your location and the maps via voice commands. The GPS is in your grasp.

Google Now: The integrated digital voice will assist you tracking of your daily habits and the very cool function is that it will keep updating of weather report periodically.

Translation: Traveling abroad will become easier if you have a google glass with you. Inability of speaking a specific language would not burden you from progress. You just have to order to translate a phrase or sentence from one language to another and you will able to hear the translated version.

There are many third party apps are being developed to enrich the features in Google Glass.

How Google Glass Works

The frame resembles a normal spectacle. There is a battery attached with the ear holder and CPU with integrated GPS. The main function is based on a projector, which is hanging in front of right eye. There is also a speaker, which is attached near the right ear. Google Glass is a technical masterpiece, which is based on a very clever use of projector.