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Facebook Launches New Timeline Design

By on January 10, 2013

Facebook has launched a new Timeline Design. New Zealand was the first country to see the newly improved Facebook Timeline design. The major changes include a single column post and better designed navigation tabs.

The new single column aligns posts that you and your friends have shared/liked on your Timeline as if it was in the old days to highlight the user-generated content. This left column has been larger to show in more detail the posts. Content in the right side is set fixed to show friends different activities as live feed of your own personal history of your facebooking day.

The new timeline design has not really made a big change. Definitely, the new design looks a lot cleaner and more user friendly when it comes to making the navigation easier for your Facebook friends. The current version that USA and the rest of the world is still using, can get awkward when post from your friends would appear on both right and left columns, making it harder to read or gloss over an update from a friend. Obviously, the new timeline design does not have the issue of wasted space on the right hand side as you scroll down a Timeline.

The major differences that you will experience when the new change comes to the use, it will be the design of the navigation tabs such as timeline (new), about, friends, photos, and more. In the ‘more’ tab allows you to view a variety of actions — beyond About, Friends and Photos — which includes Maps, Movies, TV Shows and Music.

For now, the only people that will experience this new update will be the New Zealanders. Enjoy!.

New Timeline Design Navigation Tabs:

Timeline new design

New Look For More Options:

Timeline More options

Image courtesy of Westm