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DmC Devil May Cry is Out Now – Watch the Launch Trailer

By on January 16, 2013

If you like games that are intense and full with actions, this is the game for you. It has a captivating history line that will not let you stand up from your chair until it is game over.

Not only will entertain you for a couple of hours but it will make you have lots of fun. Also, it will make you feel as if you were playing a character from a movie.

The developers really brought a different perspective view. It enhances the gameplay to another whole level.

The battles are definitely one of the best things from this game.

Watch the Launch Trailer:

Read Some Reviews Here:

  • Giant Bomb (5/5): “Everything in this new game exists in service of making it a great game in its own right, not in stoking your nostalgia for the games you played over the last decade. As a character action game, it hits all the notes – fast, robust action, marvelous visual style, and a tremendous sense of attitude – you could want in this type of game.”
  • Game Informer (90/100): “I’m impressed by the sheer variety of Dante’s moveset. Three guns, two angelic weapons, two demonic weapons, and one sword have unique abilities that you purchase. Because some moves are more useful than others (I still love the Stinger/Trillion Stabs combo), you can refund any spent points at no cost, encouraging you to experiment with the possibilities.”
  • IGN (89/100): “Long-time Devil May Cry fans unsure of Ninja Theory’s treatment can abandon their fears. DmC hurls Dante into a newer, better world, complete with a glorious combat system and enough style to make old Dante proud. This is digital action at its finest, steeped in the blood of angels, spiced with gunpowder, and garnished with a middle finger.”
  • Edge (80/100): “DmC has a greater emphasis on story than the games that preceded it, then, which is just what you’d expect from the maker of the narrative-heavy Enslaved and Heavenly Sword. But its focus is absolutely where it should be: at the tip of Dante’s sword. Playing true to its forebears’ considerable strengths,DmC is still a game about crowd management and of making best use of its myriad systems to keep a combo going and maximise your style rating.”
  • GameSpot (80/100): “DmC succeeds both in its story and in its brilliant combat, and it looks the business too, despite a few minor glitches and the more color-soaked levels looking like they’ve spent a little too much time in an Instagram filter. Sure, you may baulk at Dante’s trendy new haircut, or maybe even miss a little of that B-movie Devil May Cry insanity, but the heart of what makes the series so enticing and so much fun to play holds true here.”