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The First Details Revealed of the New Megaupload called ‘MEGA’

By on January 18, 2013

Just a day before MEGA launch day, there were several details revealed of the new service. All thanks to a small number of that had access, details that were found was the price of premium subscriptions, access via mobile, with possible full suite office and instant messaging just to name the main ones. All these features will not be available from the start, they will implement them over time.

In the MEGA site is widely recommended to use Chrome browser and it will be a tough competition to services like Dropbox, Google Drive or Box. The interfaces and functions are very similar and it seems that the issue of sharing is a little out of the priorities.

Paid and Free Subscriptions Details:

  • Free subscription: 50 GB of storage.
  • PRO I: 500GB storage € 9.99
  • PRO II: 2TB of storage for € 19.99
  • PRO III: 4TB storage € 29.99

The collection of monthly subscriptions will not have the option to make the annuity as Megaupload extinguished. Another important thing is that there is a transfer limit per account ranging from 1TB to 8TB. The prices are quite attractive, and we only need to try the service to see if it is worth hiring a payment plan.


There are some important aspects in the developer documentation as:

  •  The messaging service will allow users to share files.
  • File System for Windows, Linux and OSX so it’s imminent arrival of customers to these platforms.
  • He talks about mobile but still not have the platforms that will come.
  • The ability to create encrypted folders.
  • Multilingual documentation.

The service promises a lot, has everything you need to succeed because of the expectation that generated Kim Dotcom for a year, what a way to celebrate the anniversary of the fall of Megaupload.