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Jesse Heinman, the Most Envied ‘Nerd’ for Kissing Bar Refaeli

By on February 7, 2013

The actor has become the most famous “anti sex symbol” for a controversial commercial in the Super Bowl.

Jesse Heiman has over ten years working in the world of film and television, but no one can deny that his big moment came in the 2013 edition of the Super Bowl.

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The actor starred in a controversial commercial and discussed where he gave a passionate kiss with the supermodel Bar Refaeli and immediately became the “nerd” most envied in the world.

However, who is this man who has achieved so much fame with a simple kiss.

Watch the World’s Greatest Extra:

Here we’ll give you five facts from this guy:

1. Before commercial domain site, Heiman was known as the “world’s greatest Extra”. As checks a compilation video posted on YouTube (same accompanying this note), the actor had participated in over one hundred productions in roles with no credit and no dialogue. Thus, for example, appeared in movies like “Social Network”, “American Pie 2”, “17 Again” and even shows like “Glee,” “Entourage” and “Bones”.

2. Although apparently looks just like a teenager, Heiman meet in May this year 35 years old. And while the trade that has led to fame presents him as passionate about technology in real life is dedicated to the letters has a BA in English by the Texas State University in San Marcos.

3. Bar Refaeli has had words of praise for Jesse Heiman after the completion of the commercial. For example, she said he is “a great kisser”, and a “guy with a great sense of humor.”

4. After those words, it should not be surprising Jesse Heiman’s statements, who has admitted he has become a man much sought after by the girls after the Super Bowl: “I have heard hundreds of tweets asking dating, girls on the street stop me to take pictures with me and ask me out. ”

5. And this figure is sure to consolidate Heiman as the “nerd” most envied in the world. According to unofficial information, it took 65 takes of that scene to get to the version we know.

Watch the Godaddy Commercial (Bar Refaeli’s Big Kiss!)