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People are Becoming bored with Facebook. It’s a Fact!

By on February 7, 2013

Has it been over weeks since you’ve connected to Facebook? Doesn’t feel weird?

A recent study by Pew Internet and American Life Project reveals that People are becoming bored with Facebook and occasionally tempted to abandon the popular social network.

The report reveals that 61% of Facebook users have taken a couple of weeks of vacation away from the social network.

Among those who decided to take a break from this platform, 21% said it to be very busy, the 10% have lost interest and others 10% feel that it was a waste of time.

Based on this report it is clear that Facebook generates tedium and boredom among adult users. Connecting with friends and family has prevented them to abandon completely this platform, but they invest less time on it.

Facebook Study
Other reasons given by participants in the study to have turned his back temporarily to Facebook are:

– “I was tired of stupid comments.”
– “I  had many crazy friends and did not want to be contacted”.
– “I took a break when it got boring.”
– “It wasn’t  taking me anywhere.”
– “Too much drama”.
– “People were posting what they had for dinner.”
– “I did not like their privacy policy.”
– “It caused problems in my romantic relationships.”

42% of Facebook users between 18 and 29 years, and 34% of users between 30 and 49 recognize that the time they spend daily on this platform has decreased in the last year.

Moreover, the majority of users, 69%, said it plans to invest time on Facebook throughout the year, although more than a quarter, 27%, reduce the time spent on this social network .

As for the age group that seems to worry more recently Facebook, the youth aged 18 to 29 years, 38% spend less time in 2013 on this platform.