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Come Join Our Team: DexmaG is Hiring Editorial Writers

By on February 10, 2013

Are you a passionate writer that is looking to get published and gain exposure? Well we have just the opportunity for you!

DexmaG is recruiting candidates for full-time positions and internships. We’re looking for resourceful and driven candidates for a range of exciting positions in editorial writing and more.

Are you a part of the new technology and social media generation?

Do you always have your eye on what’s next? Well, in that case you belong on the DexmaG team.


Business Editor
We are looking for someone who is not only passionate about business but has a great deal of knowledge in business. An editor that loves writing about business news and articles that would teach and educate other businesses in their journey. The world of business is constantly changing and it is very important writers stay up to date on the latest business events and news. Are you up for the challenge?

Tech Editor
DexmaG’s Tech Channel needs a tech expert and editor to take it to the next level. Someone who lives and breathes technology and is interested in sharing his or her knowledge. Again, the writer needs to be up to date on the latest news in technology.

Social Media Editor
DexmaG is seeking an editor to run our Social Media channel and spearhead coverage of current and developing social media platforms. The ideal candidate needs to have strong contacts at, among others, Twitter, Facebook, Google, YouTube, Instagram, social media marketing companies. DexmaG’s Social Media Channel needs a social media expert and editor to take it to the next level, delivering fresh perspectives on the digitally powered social interactions of our lives and businesses.

Entertainment Editor
We are searching for an editor for our entertainment section. The writing ranges from many different and fun categories such as movies, TV shows, gaming, and much more. If you love entertainment then you will be the picture fit as our entertainment editor.

US & World Editor
We’re seeking a hard-charging editor to lead our US & World coverage. The world is changing fast and digital is riding sidecar on virtually every seismic shift. The turmoil of the ongoing Arab Spring, the rough and tumble world of Presidential election politics, technology — especially social, viral and mob.

Lifestyle Editor
We are seeking an editor that loves writing about the new trends on health, fitness, home parenting, and much more. We need an editor that will lead our Lifestyle section to the next big thing. Apply if you feel like you can fill these shoes!

Break Room Editor
Are you a natural comedian and are always making your friends laugh with your Facebook status and tweets? Then, you belong at DexmaG. We love people with a good sense of humor and charisma. We need an editor with all those qualities! Inquire within!