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Benedict XVI Quit After Discovering the ‘Vatileaks’ Report

By on February 14, 2013

Benedict XVI decided to renounce the papacy on December 17, 2012, after receiving a new report on the scandal ‘Vatileaks’- the leak of official documents of the Vatican, which unveiled a “strong resistance” in the Roman Curia transparency measures that had order.

So says the Italian magazine “Panorama” in an article published in tomorrow’s edition, which the local media published an extract, today.

According to the weekly reconstruction Mondadori Group, owned by the Berlusconi family, on December 17, 2012 Benedict XVI received the three cardinals appointed to investigate the leak of personal documents and the Vatican which eventually published in the book scandal “Sua Santita “, by the Italian Gianluigi Luzzi, and led to the arrest and conviction of potato Butler, Paolo Gabriele.

Members from that commission are the Cardinals Julián Herranz, Spanish, 82, Salvatore De Giorgi, Italian, 82, and Jozef Tomko, Slovak, 88, who interviewed thirty people from the Vatican.
The three presented a large volume of documentation, interviews and interrogations, they kept awake, always according to the weekly-a “widespread resistance to change in the Curia and many obstacles to the actions ordered by the pope to promote transparency.”

According to the weekly, the pope was “very impressed” with the reports and only had the strength to tell his brother, Georg.

“He admitted, perhaps for the first time have discovered a side of the Vatican Curia had ever imagined. Before Christmas began to think seriously about his resignation, “said” Panorama “in the excerpt published by Italian media.

The official
Benedict, of almost 86 years, said today the faithful who has renounced the papacy “in total freedom for the good of the “Church” and acknowledged “he lacks the strength to exercise the necessary force Petrine ministry” (the papacy).

Also today, in his last Mass he emphasized the importance of the witness of Christian faith and life of each one of the followers of Christ to show the true face of the Church.

The Vatican maintains that Pope has given up just because he has realized that his strength fails to carry out his work.