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A First Look at Google Glass [VIDEO]

By on February 20, 2013

Google has recently released a video showcasing the features of their new product called Google Glass.

We have to say we are very impressed of all the things you can do with this small device.

You can practically do everything with these glasses. If you don’t believe us you can watch the video showcasing its features below.

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They have not said an official date for the release of this incredible product.

However, they are trying to get people to try out for them. If you are interested in getting a Google Glass you can go here and apply.

What it does?
– Takes pictures by command
– Records video (Hands-free)
– Share what you see live
– GPS in front of you
– Voice text Messages
– Google Search Engine integrated
– Translate your voice to other languages

Watch the Video Here:

Image courtesy of Google