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Facebook Launches New Design and a Better Improved News Feed

By on March 7, 2013

Facebook reveals the new design and a better news feed

A couple of days, Facebook invited us to an event that would conduct the announced reason for “making the new news feed social network”. Today was that day, and the very mouth of Mark Zuckerberg, Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the company behind the most widely used social platform in the world , which all over billion users begin to enjoy slowly from today.

The new design of Facebook, as already mentioned in some leaks, gives a higher priority to images, since it mentions Zuckerberg as increased content of images on your social network pages compared to traditional, especially since mobile devices became elemental part of life of many people.

Definitely the best of all this new experience and new design of Facebook is the unification of interface between all devices. The same user experience and social network you access from your computer or from the mobile version of the platform.

Facebook New Design and Better News Feed


Another great touch is that in addition to the traditional news feed, social network premieres certain “filters” so we can display the news sections, either only the photos, music or publications of our closest friends, for example.


When we refer that the images are the main focus of the new Facebook news feed, we not an exaggeration. The social network managers have made images and photographs that our contacts now occupy a considerable rise in our screen size.

Furthermore, in the case of the photo albums are completely redesigned in the new design. This time we preview some of the images you find in our albums or our contacts, in a more friendly and attractive way.

Facebook New Design and Better News Feed

Of course, it is integrated into the feed of Instagram images in publications, taking advantage of the potential of this mobile social network picture that Zuckerberg and his company acquired. Finally, some details are made as attractive as in the case of the suggestions of friends, where not only will the face and name of the friend in common with our contact, but we can see even the cover picture of the contact all highly decorated and deciding whether or not to press the Add Friend button.

Same experience everywhere

This has been a most successful step in the new design of Facebook, and it certainly should not be. From now hundreds of millions of users will have the same design, the same interface and the same user experience on mobile, tablet or computer, which achieves greater convenience and ease of use, as they simply move on if you know mobile version of Facebook, do you know any other. One big advantage.

While in the case of the mobile version we do not see such a dramatic change (in addition to larger images and publications), is on the computer where we see Facebook integrated even left column to our feeds and different services, so they are hand quickly from anywhere on the network.

Facebook New Design and Better News Feed

Facebook has improved its version and mobile applications considering all type of devices, realizing that the majority of users accessing gradually more from a mobile device from the computer, so bring the experience, or rather, equalize, was a decision needed and appreciated.

Increased Advertisement and integration with other services

Let’s get something straight: Facebook, the social network of choice for many, it is a business, and therefore advertising is a very important part of the new design. We will have more intrusive ads in our news feed, where the advertising image will be larger and generally take up more space, so they do not go unnoticed. However, the ads are not entirely unpleasant, because its appearance has been redesigned to destroy or not quite match this new and beautiful design.

In addition to advertising, FB makers announce that the new design will have greater integration with other services, such as the case of Pinterest, social network will now much more striking and look more attractive and appealing each time a user share a link or “pin” of this platform.

It is also the case of shared links between pages and users, they will be much more showy and flashy, so call more attention to inviting users to access and share the content of a publication.

The new design will be available today on the web, but the launch will progressively. You can join the waiting list to be selected among the first to prove it. In the coming weeks we will also get the new design to our smartphones and tablets.