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Another Disappointment from Canon (T5I)

By on March 27, 2013

As a Canon Rebel T2I owner, so far it seems I would never upgrade to another Rebel. Not because I regret buying the T2i; How would I? It is an excellent camera, and was the best mix of Image quality and value for money when I bought it (2 Years ago). Rather, I would upgrade to something in the xxD or xD line. With Canon’s current product offering, that would be the 6D or 5d mark III (but, since I’m not looking forward to upgrading any time soon, it will be something different when the time comes).

Another disappointment from Canon (T5I)

From my own perspective, it is irrelevant to my personal purchasing decisions whether the T5i is a significant advance over the T4i or not.

However, it is amusing to see Canon’s product development path unfold. In that view, releasing a T5i with such apparently minor improvements so soon after the T4i indicates to me there is something significant happening internally.

“Significant” may be they are in big trouble in being able to make real technical advances fast enough to keep up, and are entering an extended period of treading water and slow decline.

Alternatively, significant may mean they have a major bit of technology almost ready to go commercial, but it is not quite ready, or has been delayed a few months or something like that. If that is what is happening, then the T5i may represent a “plan B” release in the Rebel line to keep the cash flowing in until the new tech is ready.

Personally, I do find it hard to believe the T5i is what they planned to do all along for the second Rebel model after the T3i. It seems to be just too minor of a set of improvements for that.

The latest firmware update to the 7D added a lot more new functionality to an existing body than Canon put in to this “new” model. It might be a great camera for a novice or a second body for a more seasoned amateur, but unless you’re currently using an Rebel XT or Xti, or maybe a T3, its not much of an upgrade. Let’s see what they do with the 70D/7D II. Hope they are less disappointing. However, given the sensor in the 5D Mark III and the 6D, I don’t expect either of those new bodies to carry a 24MP sensor.

Canon Disappointment

It would be awesome, if there was a new Canon body that we all could actually get excited about for a change, like when the 7D was introduced.
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