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The Chinese Google Wants to Make the ‘Chinese Google Glass’

By on April 4, 2013

Baidu, the leading search engine for China, is developing a prototype of glasses similar to Google Glass that will allow you to take advantage of its strengths in search of images and facial recognition, said on Wednesday a spokesman for Baidu.

Chinese Google Glass

Known internally as project “Baidu Eye”, the glasses are being tested internally and it is not clear whether the product will be sold to the public, said Kaiser Kuo, Baidu spokesman.

Kuo said that the device will be mounted on a set of headphones with a small LCD screen and will allow users to search images and voice as well as facial recognition.

“With a camera, for example, an image of a celebrity is taken and then you can check the database to see if there is an image that is appropriate, the same with a visual device could be made to take over”, Kuo said.

Baidu’s first foray into “technology for wear” establishes comparisons with the product Google Glass, electronic glasses that allow transmission in real time images and audio and computing tasks.

Kuo said that the comparisons with Google Glass were premature since Baidu has not decided if it will or not commercialize the product.

“We have not decided if the product will be released commercially, but we experimented with all sorts of technology that is related to the searches,” Kuo said. Kuo refused to make comments on the other functions of the Baidu Eye or if Baidu is working in other forms of technology “to carry”.


The “embedded technology” is the latest technological initiative that many companies, including Google and Apple, are prepared to launch devices based on the belief that users seek more and more to stay connected without having to connect to a desktop, a laptop or a tablet computer.

Apple is experimenting with a device similar to a wristwatch that could operate on the same platform as an iPhone and could be made of curved glass, reported the New York Times in February.