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5 Tips for Hosting a Fantasy Football Draft

By on August 29, 2013

Another NFL season is vastly approaching and what fun would the next five months be without selecting pretend players to be on your pretend team. It’s true that fantasy football costs companies billions of dollars in employees’ lost production each year but ask any longtime roto-leaguer and they’d tell you that it’s a small price to pay for a six inch trophy and bragging rights against friends. While all the major web sites like, ESPN, and CBS Sports make it easy to participate in an online draft, there’s still nothing better than meeting up at a buddy’s house and jabber-jawing for three to four hours as you make selections live. If you drew the short straw and must be the innkeeper for this years melee, make sure to follow these tips for hosting a fantasy football draft.

One benefit of hosting a fantasy football draft is that all the drinkers leave their magazines behind…and sometimes their pants.

1. Provide Literature

Your league could have the same 8 guys with the same rules for the last 12 years but you can rest assured that the first 30 minutes of your live draft will be spent arguing over how many points a missed field goal costs. Hosting a fantasy football draft means providing not only corn curls and cold ones but also making sure the league runs as smoothly as possible by printing up the scoring stipulations and other necessary rules. If your league contains random inexperienced fantasy players like ‘Your Wife’s Creepy Cousin‘ then it’s best to purchase some extra draft books as well because each league has a ‘Guy Without A Book.’

2. Have Accommodations on Hand

While it’s the league commissioner’s job to make sure all the rules and roster requirements are understood by each player, hosting a fantasy football draft means making sure everybody has a good time. You’ll want to have a nice spacious room with plenty of chairs so people can get comfortable while they argue and belittle one another for the next 3-1/2 hours. Another stalwart of every league is “Guy who thought 2 tallboy beers would be enough to last the whole draft but had them both gone by the second pick.” As the host it’s probably just better to buy extra beer, pop, and snacks just so the native’s don’t get too restless. The ultimate goal is for everybody to have fun and relax and if funds are an issue pass the hat for a couple bucks as a hosting donation.

3. Get a Good Group of Owners

Hosting a fantasy football draft always goes better with a good core group of league participants. People who have been friends for life or work together on a daily basis usually have an endless resource of league message board fodder. That being said, as the host it’s kind of hard to kick out ‘Always Drunk Guy‘ because he’s been in the league 10 years or ‘No Internet Dude‘ since he won the league 4 years ago without making a single lineup change.

4. Enjoy Yourself

Just because you have to endure the stress of hosting a fantasy football draft doesn’t mean you should get flustered and take a punter in round 2. If you do ample preparation and provide plenty of seating and food and make sure everybody knows when their draft turn is up you can enjoy the night just like the rest of the animals. Remember that the draft only lasts about 4 hours but the season goes on for the next 13-16 weeks. “Passed Out in the 4th Round Guy” will have to live with his porous team long after his headache goes away but “Draft Host Worry Wort” will have a muddy carpet and an equally filthy fantasy team.

If all else fails…just go to Hooters

5. Some Other Basic Tips For Hosting a Fantasy Football Draft

  • Have a Spot (Upstairs, Basement, Garage, Broom Closet) for the Women and Children – You don’t want to exclude a long-time fantasy leaguer just because he got stuck watching his kids that night and Momma won’t care how long the 17th Round goes if she’s drinking red wine with the other gals.
  • Get Some Money – If people can pay a $10, $20, or even $100 league entry fee they should have no problem chipping in at least $5 for chips, pop, and other snacks associated with hosting a fantasy football draft…but they probably will.

Enjoy your league and study hard because rumors have it that ‘No Internet Dude‘ just got a Smartphone.