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The Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

By on September 7, 2013

Tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world, next to water. Starting a day with a cup of hot tea makes mind refreshed and if it is a cup of green tea then you are adding more days to your life.

The benefits of drinking green tea

Green tea is not only distinct for its grassy taste or fresh flavor but also it serves the medicinal purposes to the human beings. History says Chinese monks used to take green tea as medicine and in ancient Japan it was not made to be available for everyone, as green tea was reserved for the aristocrat people. Traditional Indian medicine has considered this natural herb as a stimulant and a remedy of high blood sugar, indigestion, improper cardio vascular process. Today green tea is available worldwide and it means to be for everyone. Then why should we not care for our health and add few more cups of green tea in our daily routine!

Medical compounds in green tea
There are more than 180 bioactive components in green tea. Obviously the level of these bioactive components depends on the location and the harvesting season.
* Polyphenols, which contains the antioxidant property called flavonoids is the most important compound found in green tea leaves.
* Scientist Graham Harold has proved that there are 40% of Catchines available in dried tea extract.
* The most active compound is EGCG (Epigallocatechin gallate) polyphenols.
Studies have shown that green tea is 100times more effective than vitamin C and 25 times more powerful than vitamin E.

Therapeutic benefits of drinking green tea
Cancer: EGCG is a powerful anti oxidant that can inhibit the growth of cancer and destroy the cancer cells without harming the non affected cells. The women, who take at least 4cups of green tea a day regularly, have the lesser chance to have breast cancer and the men, who take same amount of green tea per day, are actually protecting themselves from prostate cancer. Green tea is potential to fight against other kind of cancers too, including- colorectal cancer, esophageal cancer, ovarian cancer and skin cancer etc.
Atherosclerosis: Studied have shown that the powerful anti oxidant property helps to prevent coronary artery disease.

Benefits to teeth: The anti bacterial components kill the harmful bacteria streptococci and prevent tooth decay.

Weight loss: Regular drinking of green tea increases the body metabolism rate and intensifies the level of fat oxidation.

Diabetes: Traditional medical science depicts that green tea has the ability to control the blood sugar level and it can slower the type 1 diabetes development.

Depression: Plenty of the amino acid, called theanine is considered to provide the tranquilizing effect and gives relaxation.

Liver disease: The habit of taking green tea regularly lowers the chance of developing liver problems caused by the toxic substances. The catchines, found in green tea leaves help to treat the viral hepatitis.

Other than the above, under medical supervision, green tea may be the herbal treatment to those patients, who are suffering from Alzheimer’s, arthritis, flu, IBD and high cholesterol etc.