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The Meaning of Dreams

By on November 5, 2013

They say dreams are the windows of the soul–take a peek and you can see the inner workings, the nuts and bolts.-Henry Bromel

The Meaning of Dreams

“Why do people dream? What is the meaning of the mysterious content of a dream?” – Philosophers have concerned over these questions for thousands of year but some recent scientific studies have made dream a matter of concern to the scientific field.
The great philosopher Sigmund Freud has described dream as the royal road to the unconscious, where as ancient people considered dream as the window to receive wisdom from God. Usually dream contains extraordinary frightening imagery or joyful emotions. It may be clear or impossible to understand. There are many theories available and many scientific researches are being carried on to answer the puzzling question – “Why we dream?” The most acceptable theories are psychoanalytic theory and the synthesis model.

Let’s try to interpret dreams

Try to record dreams: Though this is quiet an impossible task for some people, as it seems to be difficult remembering those exact images of dream but Sumber said “Taking notes, even a few sentences that encapsulate the dream, literally draws the content of the unconscious out into the realm of the concrete.” It will be better to record in sound recorder rather than writing down in a note book. While recording the dream, follow four basics steps-
Details: Try to note the entire detailing of the dream as much as possible but do not keep pressuring your memory for remembering. If you unable to remember details than try to recall some aspects. The dream sometimes, goes into oblivion as time passes on. So, note as soon as possible after awakening.

Theme: Recalling theme would be easier than remembering the entire dream and it will help you to make a concept about the whole picture.
Symbols: Try t mark some symbols or characters. The symbols may be- human beings, abstract things or something else.
Emotions: Note down the feeling you have felt during dreaming.

Now analyze the dream: Most of the dreams are not prophetic, so, it may sometimes lead to the misinterpretations. Always try to relate the theme to your present condition of living or mind and if you find yourself to attach the theme with any condition then a large picture of your dream is being missed. To draw a picture of analyzing, always take help from the emotions, as it will make the whole picture clear if the dream is related to something bad or good. Symbols are those things, which actually make up the details. Now go through the details carefully and try to draw an analytic picture of the entire dream with the help of symbols. Analyzing dream may present the unconscious or suppressed feeling of unconscious mind.

Here is a list of universal symbols with their meanings:

Vehicles- the direction of your life
Animals- good or bad traits
Clothing- it symbolizes your mood because the selection of clothing depends on mood
Children- it is a symbol of happiness
Death- change

A dream can be interpreted with multiple ways and various issues. So, do not judge your life or situation with the dreams. The symbols can reflect multidimensional meanings at a time. Analyze your dream just for entertainment and keep sweet dreaming.