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5 Best Foods to Eat in Peru

By on November 23, 2013

The Peruvian food has been classified by many experts as one of the best in the world. By its great variety, originality, aroma and food wealth. It is the favorite of many tourists. One of the many reasons to travel to Peru is to taste their famous cuisine and travel to the many marvelous places it offers to tourists.

It is a pleasure for many tourists to feel tradition and cultures mix to taste this delicious food.

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if you are planning a trip to Peru and you are curious on what to eat, you have come to right place. Here, you will find the 5 best foods to eat in Peru.

5 best foods to eat in Peru:

1. Ceviche


It is one of the most exquisite dishes of Peru. It is considered the nation\’s cultural heritage. There is a variety of styles according to the region and fish. It is a raw fish dressed in lemon (Peruvian) onion, salt and pepper mud and pepper. The preparation is unique and many people consider it an aphrodisiac dish.

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