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The Story Behind ‘Give God’s Dad a Vacation’

By on November 29, 2013

If you are regular Facebook user and you have a good sense of humor, you have probably heard the sad news about the Facebook God. Yes, that is right there is a God on Facebook that maintains its followers with good clean humor about religion and current news.
Here, you will find the story behind ‘Give God’s Dad a Vacation‘.

Give God's Dad a Vacation (The Story Behind it)

A couple weeks ago, one of the most popular pages on Facebook, The Facebook God, made a sad announcement:

Post by God.

Of course, the Facebook followers replied immediately sending The Facebook God their condolences about his loss. A Facebook follower wrote, “God, Because of this sweet woman, you’re helping a lot of people. You’re making us laugh and making our days a bit brighter. She’s in peace and I’m sure she left the world feeling immensely proud of you and loved by you. Lots of love to you and yours.” – Pia Alicia V. Soto

The Facebook post announcement received 4,516 shares, 33,00 likes, and 8,358 comments.

A couple days later, God made a campaign on explaining some other sad news about his father situation regarding the loss of his wife. After only two hours of creating the campaign, it surpassed the goal of 5k to almost double. This shows how great of a person is the Facebook God and how can someone by trying to bring happiness to the life of others can really make a difference.

In the campaign, God explained the unfairness approach that New York Life Insurance took on this case,” the life insurance policy (which was to pay for the rest due on the house) is null and void because a few payments were missed.”

Since the Facebook God page has more than 1 million followers, it obviously caused the damage to the reputation of New York Life insurance. Here, you can see the consequences:

At the end of the description campaign, God left a good message for his dad, “Let’s give him something he will never forget, a vacation of a lifetime!”

And, hopefully all these people that have contributed for this noble cause can make a difference in the life of this man (God’s father).

If you want to donate for this noble cause, you still can.

Here is the link: