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Samsung NX 1 Puts to Shame Canon EOS 7D Mark II

By on September 16, 2014

Well, Canon once again your crippled tech in 2014. Is becoming so glaringly obvious that it’s turning away previous customers of the brand. I myself as professional filmmaker and photographer am getting sick of Canon not innovating and only developing the video side of things with the Cinema line of over-priced cameras you brought to market a few years ago.

You had an upper hand on the video market (5D2, 7D, 60D, Rebels, etc) and you just completely blew it and lost the plot after the announcement of the Cinema line. WE WANT 4K. WE WANT WI-FI. WE WANT 120FPS OR GREATER. The Iphone shoots 240FPS for crying out loud.

I’m ready to move on to another company who actually tries to innovate. If you’re going to make an expensive camera, make one that’s actually bleeding-edge tech not just some over-priced camera with a C logo on it. In 2014 4k has been standard for most camera even in mobile phones, especially in a camera that’s released every 4-5 years. Canon should be embarrassed by the competition. Here’s my advice, put 4K video in the consumer cameras, offer raw 4k in the pro cameras AND with higher frame rates. Canon have the best colors by far SOOC and the best selection of lenses, but that’s the only thing saving the company from people just switching when lackluster updates like the 7D2 come out.

With high expectations not met for the Canon 7D Mark II.  Samsung announced NX 1 at Photokina with specs that surpass everyone’s expectations.

Canon 7D mark II vs Samsung Nx 1

Canon_7D_Mark_II_hiRes_eos7d_efsfront VSsamsung nx 1


Canon EOS 7D MArk II First Test

There is too much sharpening going on here, we want RESOLUTION not sharpness.
No real evolution in video quality since the 5d mark II that was announced back in September of 2008 … That is 6 years ago !
You can thank Magic Lantern but now it’s time for us to go.
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[Samsung SMART CAMERA NX1] Official Commercial

Here’s what I think Canon should have done. #4k


In addition, one of the biggest advantage that the new Samsung NX 1 has over the Canon 7D Mark II is the pricing. The current price for the Canon EOS 7D Mark II is $1,799.00 and the price for the Samsung NX 1 is $1,499.99. You can pre-orderany of these two cameras below. Obliviously, it will be an easy choice to make.


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