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Rent your House for Filming

By on March 9, 2015

Renting your house for filming is a very safe and also profitable different way to take advantage of your property. When we speak of filming, we refer to the process of filming an audiovisual production, which can be for a movie, a television show, an advertisement video or photo, music video, a documentary, or any other format of video production.

How to Rent your House for Filming

When filming is planned, even when writing a script for a movie or a TV commercial, the director is already thinking where the action will take place and describes it in great detail: the film location. In some cases it will be necessary to build this scenario, but from a economic perspective is always better to shoot in a location that already exists than to build it from scratch.

Depending on the film’s budget, producers pay around $1,200-$3,000 per day. According to an article published on the LA times, many houses request $2,000 to $3,000 a day as locations, and the rates have been known to climb as high as $25,000 a day, depending on the budget of the production.

“The highest I ever got paid was $10,500 for a day of filming, but $5,000 to $6,000 is normal for a 14-hour day at my size house,” said a woman who her house where “Drug Wars” was shot.

Also, you should not worry about possible damage or accidents on site or in the furniture because the producers pay for the insurance that covers incidents involving the shooting.

Most of the time you can still live in the house while the production is filming. However, if the production is big where they take a great amount of space, then finding a temporary place should be an alternatives. Although in some cases, producers assume the cost of temporary accommodation for the property owners.

Offering your property directly to the film industry is not easy. However, there other alternatives where you can rent your house for filming.

There are many sites where you can list your property but they charge you a monthly fee and they are hard to use. However, the most easiest and free to use is

At Scoutplex, you can list any type of property as a film location. It could be your house, farm, land, farm, restaurant, etc. Scoutplex has advantages over them because is very friendly user and it is FREE to list your property (no monthly fees). They only charge a service fee if your property is booked.

Overall, you should definitely consider renting your house for filming. It helps getting another form of income and it is definitely a fun experience to be a part of movie.