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Why New Moms are Annoying and How to Change That!

By on November 7, 2015

Why Dad’s might think we as Moms are annoying ? After bringing home a new baby every mom pictures coming home to enjoy their little one along with the comfort of their home and a supportive husband or baby father who wants to be as equally involved with baby as you are. Mom also hopes that Dad will be understanding and willing to help you out as much as possible given you have just had a baby! Not only that but new moms need as much rest as possible to heal and get back to a state where you will be able to actually be able to function without pain. Unfortunately, that is not always the case, and men are left confused as to why new mommies want to smother them in their sleep sometimes!


Here are some of the top reasons your new mommy may be being annoying:

SLEEP DEPRIVATION! – You may not realize this but babies have the tendency to cry a lot. Especially at night! Due to the fact babies cry a lot at night Mom is left with little to zero sleep because most men will sleep through a baby crying while a new mom cannot stand to hear the crying of her child and immediately tends to them. Another aiding factor in a new Moms sleep deprivation is the fact most dads never give mommy the break she needs aggravating her more than she most likely already is thus creating an angry sleep deprived mommy.

SOLUTION – WAKE UP! Give mom the break she needs by waking up and helping out. A little goes along way whether, it’s waking up only on the weekends because your job drains you too much that you can’t wake up during the week or waking up once a week just to help out in general. No matter what day(s) it is you chose to wake up and help this will definitely ease moms anger towards you given, you will be giving her back the sleep she needs by helping her out!

NOT HELPING OUT! – Being a mom isn’t easy and sometimes a helping hand goes a long way! The number one complaint about men new moms have is a lack of assistance from dad let alone an effort to offer assistance at all. Sometimes moms can become overwhelmed and when they need a helping hand and Dad isn’t willing this will cause mom to completely explode! Moms get tired pretty easily and stress out very fast when they need a helping hand and the one person they should be able to count on completely rejects them; especially for something as stupid as a YouTube video or a game or show they are involved in that could easily wait.

SOLUTION – Helping out or asking what you could do to help out from time to time takes an immense amount of stress off of Mom. Did you know making a bottle here and there and changing a diaper once in a while or, having a daddy and baby bonding session is all mom wants? By giving mom a break with baby and helping out this takes a load of stress and anxiety of mom; it also gives her time for herself which is something hard to come around being a mom. Not only does this benefit mom; but it benefits you and baby because you are creating a relationship and bonding experience between you and baby by investing so much time in baby. THIS ALSO AVOIDS A LOT OF FIGHTS!

DIAPERS! DIAPERS! DIAPERS!– Changing diapers is a task that mom can do by herself just like buying them too but help would be appreciated from time to time. One big complaint new moms have about dads is their blatant disregard for baby when it comes to changing diapers!


Solution – All mom wants is a little help she does everything else alone! By changing diapers when you have the chance or if you see the baby needs to be changed do it yourself.  Don’t call mom JUST DO IT!

This concludes Why New Moms Are Mean and How to Change That!