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How to create a Restaurant Host Seating Software for Free

By on August 28, 2016

While I was working as a host for a popular Mexican restaurant, I noticed the inefficiency that they had when it came to seating the guest in their restaurant. They had many people coming in and making them write on piece of paper their name, number of party, and time. Sometimes it would be too crowded it would be difficult to get access to that piece of paper. Another disadvantage of this written system is that sometimes we could not understand their handwriting.

Therefore, I figured out a way How to create a Restaurant Host Seating Software for Free making it automatic and efficient on how to make the host waiting list easier to manage the seating of the guest and make it more accurate. Another benefit regarding this great way is that it is completely free to use and you can recollect the guest’s email to send them some promotions that you are running for your restaurant.

Things that you would need:

1 Tablet ( Android or IOS) – This will be used by the person managing the seating list

1 Tablet with keyboard (This will be used for quest to type their information)

Google Account

WiFi connection in your restaurant

How it works:

Essentially, all of these will be done using Google Forms. First, we will create a google form asking for basic questions such as Name:, Number of People, Locations Preference:, Email: If you would like to get their email for promotional purposes.


Login into your Google account

Then, Go to Google Drive

Once you are there look to your top left corner and click new

Scroll down and Click More – Then click Google Forms to create a brand new form

Customizing your form:

Once you have created your google form, start customizing it that way you would like your guests to fill in the form. For example, here I changed the Form Name to My restaurant. 


In this second photo, you can see that I added more questions for my form. For name, number of guests, and enter email I used short answer text. However, for the location preference I used option selection. All of this can be customized within Google Forms editing.


Once you are happy with your questions for your form, click where it says “RESPONSES”. Here is where you will see your customer’s information once they have started to use your form.



Click on the green icon in order to create the spreadsheet where you will be receiving the responses in a spreadsheet. This is essential to export those emails!



Once you have done everything from above, click on the button where it says send. Then copy that link and open it in the tablet with the keyboard so your customer can start filling in their information.



On the second tablet, you can access the responses and they happen on real time. This will allow the person in charge of seating guest a more precise information. Also you can add other columns to help organized the seating of the guests.


If you would like to see the sample of this form and try out yourself, you can access the live Google form here and the response spreadsheet here.

Also, if you need help or clarifications, let me know in the comments below. I will be more than happy to help anyone.